RT @OptaJoe: 112 - Manchester United have allowed their opponents fewer shots on target against them than any other Premier League side. …

RT @NajibRazak: I have said before, if you can’t come to me, I will try and go to you. Tomorrow, I take engagement to the next level, vi …

Congratulations @KhalidahNazihah , I told you so!! Congrats!! :D heheh..You make me proud!

RT @ManUtd_Fact: ON THIS DAY: In 1994, #ManUtd won the Premiership for the second successive season, after Blackburn Rovers lost to Cove …

Congratulations Arsenal. Well played. Hard done, but the only way is forward. Roll on the Red Machine #mufc

Would a draw at Stamford Bridge today spur on Arsenal to play better tomorrow? #mufc

Hehe I sense that @KhalidahNazihah is bummed she missed the live kiss on the balcony. She won’t admit it, but she’s a romantic at heart.

RT @caramckenna: Unless people are talking about William’s gran, it really ought to be PILF or DILF that’s trending, not QILF.

Awwww @KhalidahNazihah .i merely just provide an alternate view of the world. One in which you are 10 times the person you think you are..

RT @nickcoppack: The romantics hold up Barcelona as footballing brilliance. And they are. But, like Paul Scholes, a darker element lurks.

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